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Antarctica Travel Diary – part 4

9 Mrz

After around two weeks the team sets foot on the antarctic soil and Yadegar Asisi experiences the key moment of the journey. A final report by Philipp Katzer.


Antarctica travel diary – Part 3

18 Feb

Finally – a first visual contact with the Antarctica! Philipp Katzer depicts moments for eternity.


Antarctica travel diary – Part 2

16 Feb

Second stop on the trip towards the Antarctica is South Georgia – an island without humans, yet populated by other friendly creatures. Philipp Katzer describes an overwhelming experience.


Antarctica travel diary – Part 1

8 Feb

Yadegar Asisi and his team are currently on a research trip to the Antarctica. Philipp Katzer is responsible for the film documentation and gives some first impressions of a trip towards the end of the world.